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How to lose weight and get into the 20 years old shape: Although sport and diet often play an important role in any weight loss program, several tools can help you in your quest for a perfect fit and a perfect silhouette. You will find in the category SLIMMING many solutions that will help you in your slimming program: belly belt, Slimming Shorts, Leggings, anti-cellulite devices,  squeezing-rolling apparatus and many more ...

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Mass & Slim Belt

Slimming by losing more than 4 cm in 28 days is possible with...

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Mass & Slim Pants

Slimming by losing more than 3 cm in 28 days is possible with...

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  • Size: S MAD596.56
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Slimming Short CYCLISTE

Lose weight and get rid of cellulite becomes so easy with...

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  • Size: 34 MAD888.36
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Slimming pants REDUCTI

Cellulite invade your belly hips and thighs? Slimming Short...

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  • Size: 36 MAD1,088.52
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  • Size: 42 MAD1,088.52
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