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In other beauty products, you will find the chest reinforcement bra, the hair powder for baldness, exfoliating socks ...

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Chest reinforcement SEDUCTION

2 in 1 bra and chest pad reinforcement adhesive. Sizes: A, B, C

Price MAD269.00
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  • Size: Taille A (75 - 85 cm) MAD269.36 Sold out
  • Size: Taille B (85 - 95 cm) MAD269.36
  • Size: Taille C (95 - 105 cm) MAD269.36 Sold out


Turn off your breast with this plumping firming bra. The new...

Price MAD635.00 Regular price MAD846.64
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  • Size: S MAD634.98 MAD846.64 -25%
  • Size: M MAD846.64
  • Size: L MAD846.64
  • Size: XL MAD846.64
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