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The DOBRA air humidifier humidifies your interior, diffuses your essential oils and adds a touch of soft light. In addition, the maintenance of this air humidifier is easy thanks to an opening from the top.
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A commitment to healthy air:

We breathe about 20,000 times a day, which is equivalent to a daily requirement of 12,000 liters of air. The quality of the air inhaled this way has a direct effect on our well-being: air that is too humid can cause health problems (allergies, asthma, etc.), while air that is too dry dries out the mucous membranes and the skin and promotes fatigue and feeling of discomfort as well as increased air pollution.

Doctors and specialists agree that an optimal relative humidity level is between 40 to 60%. Particularly in winter, the ambient air can become too dry due to lack of ventilation, heating, etc. Although we do not always realize it, this has an impact on physical and mental well-being and alters the overall quality of the air by promoting its pollution.

The right reflex to eliminate the discomfort associated with dry air:

The DOBRA cold mist air humidifier helps you restore an adequate level of humidity in your interior.
Its 2.5L capacity tank allows you to humidify your air for more than 12 hours continuously. You choose between low (about 100ml/h) or high (about 150ml/h) emission intensity and let the humidifier do its job. It will stop automatically when the tank is empty. In addition, it has a "night mode" that allows you to enjoy the comfort of continuously humidified air while you sleep, in complete peace of mind. Finally, the DOBRA allows you to add a designer light touch to your interior, by choosing from 3 shades of white LED (warm, neutral, cold).

Easier management thanks to the opening from the top

The Humidifier DOBRA is part of a new generation of ultrasonic humidifiers whose tank is filled from the top, by removing a lid, and no longer via a small opening located in the bottom. This opening from the top greatly facilitates the daily management of the device, whether when filling and emptying the tank, or when cleaning it.

Two ways to improve air quality, one step

The DOBRA is designed to support the use of essential oils. Pour them directly into the water contained in the tank: they are thus effectively diffused into the ambient air, at the same time as it becomes humid. With a single gesture, you therefore benefit from an aromatherapy session by benefiting from the virtues of the essential oil of your choice.
Aimed at people looking for an easy-to-use and efficient humidifier, the DOBRA has many features that make it a product that finds its place perfectly in a living room.


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