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Mag Boost Orodispersible Magnesium is for people who are tired or have a pronounced nervousness or persistent muscular fatigue. By revitalizing the body, this dietary supplement based on magnesium will also strengthen the immune sphere.
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Do you suffer from nervousness or muscle fatigue? Orodispersible Mag Boost is the magnesium of urgency. 
Mag Boost Orodispersible is perfect for reducing the apparent nervousness, excessive fatigue or tensions of everyday life, which allows to recover dynamism and energy. Like its tablet version, Mag Boost orodispersible is a dietary supplement with a high bioavailability, based on highly assimilable liposomal magnesium. The components it contains, magnesium, vitamins and amino acids, are enclosed in a liposome, which allows it to be naturally absorbed by the intestine, and thereby avoid side effects during digestion. By revitalizing the body, it will also strengthen the immune sphere. The orodipersible form makes it easy to take in all situations. The powder of the bag is consumed directly in the mouth. The product dissolves almost instantly.
Role of the different components: • Magnesium acts on mental and physical fatigue, and restores energy • Vitamin B5 reduces fatigue and good intellectual performance • Vitamin B6 helps strengthen the immune system • Vitamin D improves the intestinal absorption of magnesium, although it is dependent on the latter, and contributes to good muscle function • Taurine helps magnesium to settle in the body.

Mag Boost is a magnesium made in France, without animal suffering, without GMOs
Ingredients: maltodextrin. Sweetener: xylitol. Liposomal magnesium [magnesium, rice starch (Oryza sative), sucrose, fatty acid ester, lecithin, calcium, triphosphate, rice flour]. Amino acid: taurine. Acidifiers: citric acid and sodium bicarbonate. Natural orange flavor. Vitamins (B5, B6, D3). Triglycerides with medium chain. Ative for 3 sachets of orodispersible Mag Boost (% RDA): liposomal magnesium: 939 mg, magnesium element: 300 mg (80%), taurine: 300 mg, vitamin B5: 6 mg (143%), vitamin B6: 2 mg (100%), vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol): 9 μg (180%).

Use of magnesium Mag Boost:

Attack phase: in case of deficiency of magnesium and vitamin D, take 1 sachet morning, noon and evening, for minimum 10 days or more if necessary.
Maintenance phase: 1 sachet per day. Possibility of modulating the catch according to the situation (busy day, stress, sports activity, etc.).
Sachet of orodispersible powder to melt under the tongue.
Presentation: box of 20 sachets for 6 to 20 days, according to use.

Precautions for using magnesium Mag Boost:

Oral way
Keep out of reach of children
For adults and adolescents except in case of contraindications
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose
Keep away from moisture
This magnesium is not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle

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