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Anti-allergy device Medinose PLUS. Offers relief from hay fever, animal hair or house dust allergies*

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Description of the anti-rhinitis Medinose:

If you have the following symptoms, you have certainly allergic rhinitis. Perhaps, your doctor has already mentioned that to you:

  • Sneezing and violent sneezing attacks
  • Itching and nasal mucosa
  • Itchy eyes, swollen and watery

The cause of allergic rhinitis is an overreaction in our organism. As soon as the flower pollen comes into contact with the mucous membranes of the nose and eyes, the body mobilizes all its defenses. It forms too many antibody located in cells called mast cells. These mast cells release substances (especially histamine) that cause disturbances characteristic of hay fever (also called allergic rhinitis).
In the treatment of allergic rhinitis and alongside medication with antihistamines and cortisone, vaccines and acupuncture are successfully used. Phototherapy is one of the most efficient methods. This is a costly method provided in some specialized centers. Phototherapy uses a red light of the same wavelength (about 660 nm) generated by special diodes to eliminate the symptoms of allergy and hypersensitivity.
 Phototherapy is a new method of non-drug treatment of allergies. With Medinose Plus, your unit from medisana® against allergic rhinitis, you can now easily apply the treatment yourself.
Medinose has already been successfully tested in thousands of people.

Using phototherapy, Medinose inhibits the release of histamine, and thus reduces or even eliminates completely allergic reactions, natural way. A new treatment without medication and without side effects.
Medinose consists of a small power supply from the size of a pack of cigarettes and an applicator to be inserted into the nostrils. Each treatment session with Medinose lasts for 4 to 5 minutes. It should be repeated 2-3 times per day.
Medinose can be used just at home or at work. When symptoms are severe, treatment may be repeated several times without adverse effects. As soon as the symptoms abate, the number of applications can be reduced. Medinose is also indicated for the prevention of allergies (eg before the arrival of pollen)

A controlled study was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of Medinose (Ittai Neuman, MD and Yehuda Finkelstein, MD, Narrow-band red light phototherapy in perennial allergic rhinitis and nasal polyposis. Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, April 1997, Volume 78, number 4). After treatment, 72% of patients with allergic rhinitis reported a reduction in symptoms and an improvement in conditions. Patients in this study were also examined by endoscopy, which confirmed the results and showed a significant reduction in objectively inflammation of nasal tissue after treatment.

Features of the anti-rhinitis Medinose:

  • Treatment of nasal allergies with phototherapy
  • Simple and well tolerated
  • Also effective in the prevention of allergic rhinitis
  • No side effects
  • 1-3 applications per day are sufficient
  • clinically tested
  • Narrow band with a light beam having a length of 660 nm
  • 6mW output per channel
  • Automatic shutoff after 4 min
  • Function indicator and battery
  • Approximately 100 applications with a single battery
  • 3 years warranty
  • Approved by MPG (Medical Products Act in Germany) according to CE 0473

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