Blood pressure monitor BU 550 connected

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Upperarm Blood pressure monitor connected via bluetooth, with a new technology for rapid measurement and a slimline design

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Description of the Blood pressure monitor BU 550 connect:

What is the blood pressure?

Blood pressure is the pressure in the vessels formed in each heartbeat. When the heart contracts (= systole) and pump blood through the arteries, the blood pressure increases. This value is the maximum value of blood pressure and it is known as systolic pressure. This is the first value that is taken into account when measuring. When the heart is retracted to fill its cavities, blood pressure also decreases in the arteries and vessels relax, the second blood pressure value which is the diastolic pressure is measured.

How does it work?

The BU 550 connect is a blood pressure monitor for the upperarm. The measurement is performed here by a microprocessor during the inflation process. Thus, the tensiometer recognizes the systolic blood pressure far more quickly than with conventional measurement. This prevents the patient from waiting too long. In addition, the BU 550 connected has a function to detect irregular heartbeats (called arrhythmias) that can affect the measurement results. If such an arrhythmia is detected, it is indicated by the appropriate symbol on the screen.

The benefit of a self blood pressure monitoring at home:

When measuring blood pressure at home, this measurement is performed in a familiar environment and in a rest condition. The base value, which is measured directly in the morning before breakfast is the most significant. In fact, you should always take the measurement of blood pressure at the same time under identical conditions. This is the only way to obtain comparable results and thus detect a hypertension at early phase. When hypertension remains undetected a long time, it increases the risk of other cardiovascular diseases like heart attack.
Our advice is to measure blood pressure using a home blood pressure monitor daily and regularly, even if you feel well.

How to read the blood pressure figures?

For information purposes, the table below shows the values of high and low blood pressure regardless of age. This grading scale is consistent with the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Systolic (mmHg) Diastolic (mmHg)   Pressure indicator
≥ 180 ≥ 110 Severe hypertension Red
160 - 179 100 - 109 Moderate  hypertension Orange
140 - 159 90 - 99 Mild hypertension Yellow
130 - 139 85 - 89 Elevated to normal pressure Green
120 - 129 80 - 84 Normal pressure Green
< 120 < 80 Optimal pressure Green
< 100 < 60 Low pressure Green

MEDISANA has extensive experience in the field of measuring blood pressure. The high precision of the tensiometers MEDISANA is verified by numerous clinical studies according to strict international standards.

The blood pressure monitor BU 550 connect from MEDISANA is a tensiometer of new generation, with a new method of measuring blood pressure during the inflation phase, thus preventing the patient from a high pressure on his arm, and performing this accurate measurement in a short time.

The blood pressure monitor BU 550 connect has 500 memory slots for each of two users. In addition, it allows the measurement and display of results of a guest, without interfering with the data of the owner, that are already recorded in the memory.

The measurement results are transmitted via Bluetooth® automatically to any receptors that suits with the Bluetooth® transmission technology. If the Bluetooth® transmission is successful, the Bluetooth® icon and "OK" appears on the screen. If the measurements are not transmitted via Bluetooth®, the screen displays "Err"

The Blood Pressure Monitor BU 550 connect allows transfer of data via Bluetooth® to your cloud space VitaDock® and / or VitaDock® application on any smartphone. The VitaDock® applications allow a detailed analysis, storage and synchronising of your vital data as blood pressure. So that you can always have access to your critical data and can share them with friends and your doctor. For this, you need a free user account that you can create in account. For iOS and Android mobile devices, you can download the appropriate applications. A tutorial on explains how to install and use the software. Each time a measurement of blood pressure is carried out an automatic data transmission starts (if Bluetooth® is turned on, and the receiver in neighborhood).

Specifications of the blood pressure monitor BU 550 connect

  • Upperarm extra flat Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Rapid measurement by detecting the pulse during the inflation phase
  • Large digital display with illuminated background
  • 2 x 500 memory slots for recording results
  • Possibility of erasing the last measure or all data
  • Connected via Bluetooth smart
  • Wireless synchronization with your vital data space at
  • Wireless synchronization with iOS and Android smartphones
  • 3 year warranty

Data sheet

200 g
Memory slots
2 x 500
max pressure tolerance
+/- 3 mmHg
Max pulse tolerance
140 mm
90 mm
31,5 mm
1 year

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