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Lumino Led Lamp

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Lumino LED light therapy lamp will help you overcome the winter blues thanks to its 10,000 Lux which will bring you the same benefits as natural light. You may find the 5 adaptable light intensities very useful.

You can choose the duration of your session thanks to the integrated timer: from 15 to 120 minutes in 5 levels. Also benefit from an atmospheric light function which offers you 256 colors.

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Description of light therapy LUMINO LED:

Intensity of Light have a great influence on the vital processes. During the fall and winter seasons, solar radiation decreases. Symptoms that come from lack of light can appear. In addition, the artificial lighting of buildings can not compensate for this lack of natural light. Among the consequences of this situation, seasonal depression is certainly the most frequent and the most dangerous, but there is also lack of tone, insomnia and melancholy.

Light therapy is a therapeutic technique that treats these mood disorders, including winter depression. These disorders being due to a lack of sun, the treatment consists of exposing the eyes to a light with spectrum and intensity close to those of the sun, in order to compensate the deficit.

Through regular exposure to high lux * light over a period of time, symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) may subside or even disappear.

* Lux is the unit of measure for luminance of light. For example ; a sunny summer day is about 50000 lux, while the typical light intensity inside a building is only 500 lux.

LUMINO LED is a light source that delivers 10,000 Lux. The treatment consists of a session of 1 to 2 hours of exposure (1 hour if the distance is 20 cm and 2 hours if the distance is 50 cm) to be repeated for 7 consecutive days. The light therapy LUMINO LED can be placed on the desk. During exposure to the light therapy device DAY LIGHT, you can read, write or call ...

Specifications of Light Therapy LUMINO LED:

  • Luminous Intensity (Lux) 10,000
  • 36 W Power
  • 5 intensities
  • 1 year warranty

Data sheet

36 Watts
1 year

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