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Massage device using the squeezing-rolling method acting by suction to remove cellulite and firm the body.

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Lose weight with the squeezing rolling-technique:

The superfluous fat gives an irregular appearance to the skin and form an unsightly silhouette, but the method of rolling massage has been proven in eliminating these dimples and even in preventing their appearance. This technique consists in exerting a continuous action of pressure and pinching accompanied by a gradual shift from the bottom upwards - in the direction of blood flow on the area to be treated, so as to cause a kind of rolling. On one hand, pressure and pinch knead and break the fatty dimpling, and secondly the heat from friction will help your body to get fat off on the area that is massaged. This technique also works on blood microcirculation, which activates the lymphatic drainage. Rolling massage technique will help you lose weight and several inches quickly.

Description of SKIN MASS®:

Skin Mass® helps you practice rolling massage in an effective and gentle way. The intensity of the suction is adjustable depending on your tolerance and a gentle vibration optimizes lymphatic drainage. Thanks to a practical design the control in the palm of the hand is easy, and the palpate and roll action seems extremely simple, and without the help of an expert.

  • The first position activates the movement of the soft roll that softens and lifts your skin gently.
  • The second position triggers the suction and the movement of the soft roll.
  • The third position adds the vibration mode for a deeper massage.

Efficacy trial with SKIN MASS®:

The anti-cellulite device Skin Mass® has been specifically designed to treat cellulite and look smoother and toned skin. A clinical study was conducted over a period of 30 days and showed the following performance results:

  • Maximum loss of 2.5 cm at the thighs level
  • Maximum loss of 2.8 cm around the hips
  • Maximum loss of 3 cm at the waist

Specifications of SKIN MASS®:

  • Three functions: rolling massage, suction, vibration
  • Adjustable intensity
  • adjustable strap
  • Immediate stop button
  • 2 years warranty

Data sheet

21,5 cm
12 cm
0,957 kg
9 watts
15 cm

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