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Abs work has never been easier than with this abdominal muscle electro-stimulation belt for safe intake in your quest to find a flat belly.

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Description of the abdominal belt BOB:

The abdominal belt BOB from MEDISANA helps you losing weight fast and having a flat belly thanks to a soft muscle electro-stimulation and effortlessly. The abdominal belt is an abdominal muscle stimulation device which has the following effects:

  • Increase of blood flow in the treatment area.
  • Relaxation of muscle spasm.
  • Re-education of the abdominal muscles.
  • Maintaining or extension of motion capacity.

The abdominal muscle stimulation belt BOB works on the basis of electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). Gentle electrical impulses stimulate the abdominal body muscles without stressing tendons or joints. This leads to slight contractions of the muscle fibres, which may built up the abdominal muscles "passively" (= without doing an active training). This is helpful e.g. after surgeries for strengthening the flaccid muscles, for deficiently or unilaterally trained muscles, tight abdominal muscles or for warming-up. This functional principle of muscle fibre stimulation is used since many years by professional athletes, ambitious recreational sportsmen and in the field of rehabilitation. It improves the capacity of the body, reduces the risk of injury and preserves mobility. The compensation of muscular imbalances and the skin tightening effect lead to an attractive body.

In order to obtain optimal results you should ensure that your skin is clean and free of creams etc.

The programs differ in their frequency and the period of the training pulses. The total duration of a program is subdivided into different duration periods with preset stimulation frequencies. These frequencies are carefully adapted to each other.
Lower frequency ranges (approx. 2 Hz to 40 Hz) are mainly used for muscle relaxation and higher frequencies are used for muscle stimulation. The pulse width specifies the duration of the pulse emitting phase during the use. Higher pulse widths have a higher stimulating effect on the muscles. Lower pulse widths are preferably used for warming up resp. for smoothly loosing the muscles. As for a physical workout with weights, each training with the unit should alternate between muscular stimulation and relaxation. This ensures a smooth and effective muscle training. The 10 available programs therefore contain
different frequencies and duration periods which are automatically adjusted. The intensity may be changed manually during the use of the Abdominal muscle stimulation belt BOB in 25 steps.

The 10 programs can be completed within several weeks. In the first week you should use program 1 and a low intensity setting. From the onwards you can train more frequently and with higher intensity and other programs. You should also adapt the program and intensity according to your personal fitness grade and feeling. As a beginner, do not use the unit more than once a day! Starting from the second week, you may use the unit more often, but you should always rest at least 5 hours between training sessions in order to allow your muscles to recover.

Specifications of the abdominal belt BOB:

  • Belt in flexible material, suitable for many waist sizes.
  • Several programs for different needs: muscle relaxation or stimulation.
  • Adjustable electro-stimulation intensity over 25 levels
  • 3 years warranty

Data sheet

110 cm
230 g
3 type AAA
14,4 cm
2,2 cm
1 year

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